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Popular Casino Games with Dice

A worldwide fad has been developed over the online casino games and live dealer options, but it seems to linger on since the people spend most of their time online these days. However, casino games have been popular for centuries, bringing people together to have fun gambling over the rolling dice and flipping cards. While table games and slot machines have garnered a huge number of fans, the dice games have also managed to attract people to the casino floors. The 6-sided cube was first used in China and then became one of the most widely used pieces for various games. Dice were used for other purposes such as fortune-telling, but it has become an integral part of the gambling world. Let us look at some of the most popular gambling dice games.


Casino Games

1. Craps

If you are looking for the king of dice games, craps is that fun time option that can offer you some great moments on the table. Craps is considered the most complex table game, but you can excel at it with practice. By standing around the table and betting on the combination appearing on the dice, you will win with every result matching the prediction. All people who love to socialize will find craps to be the most exciting game. While focusing on the main game, many players tend to ignore the side bets such as “Don’t Pass Line” and “Pass Line.” Each time you throw the dice, make sure it hits the back wall. Also, do not say the word seven when playing. All these are the most crucial points to keep in mind when at a craps table.

2. Hazard

This may not be the king now, but it used to be in the 14th century. Hazard has far more experience in the gambling scene than craps. It dwells on the concept of gathering huge crowds around a table to play with the dice. Two dice are used to play hazard, and the shooter begins by establishing the main point. More than one throw may be required to build the combination to a number between 5 to 9. Once the main is established, the players can bet on the caster as he throws the dice. Each player can continue throwing until they win or lose. The dice will pass on to the next shooter after each failure. Hazard can only be sporadically found in casinos these days because the popularity has diminished despite the striking similarity to craps.


3. Chuck a Luck

A spinning cage and 3 dice make the perfect Chuck-A-Luck setup for the avid gamblers. This game’s idea hails from Australia. Even the novice gamblers find this game attractive because of extreme simplicity. If you are a beginner, the best game to start with is Chuck a Luck. Do not ask for the cage in the first round; most setups will have a horn-shaped cute for throwing the dice in the beginning.

Apart from these three most popular gambling dice games, Klondike, Banka Francesca, Sic Bo, and Simplified Craps are also played in many casinos.

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